Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Team Post: News from Dana...NOT the dining hall!

By Dana Hatton ‘18

Hi all,

I’m Dana, a freshman coming from Cape Elizabeth, Maine and yes my name is the same as the dining hall here on campus.  What’s even crazier is that my initials are DDH as in “Dana Dining Hall”…mind=blown, yes.  Now that we got that out of the way, I can excitedly say that these first few weeks of captains practices have gone really well.  Everyone seems to be excited and eager to work hard; it must be from all the valuable training we’ve done this summer.

At the end of June, my mom, sister and I went to Spain.  We stayed in Madrid and visited Toledo and Cercedilla as well.  My junior year of high school, my family hosted an exchange student named Claudia from Madrid and the purpose of this trip was to visit her.  It was an excellent experience, but I had to make sure I was still training too.  We hiked in Cercedilla, Spain and my sister, who skied for Bowdoin all four years, and I added some running in and made it more of a workout.  The hike was rocky and challenging.

The hike up, in Cercidilla, Spain

The view from the hike in Cercedilla, Spain

When I came back from Spain, I added more roller skiing in to my workouts.

Roller skiing in my hometown

I did a lot of running, hiking, and swimming and went to NH and NY, but Spain was the big highlight for me this summer.  It was definitely a new challenge to keep up with the bigger amount of training I needed to do and enjoy the summer, but I know that it’s all worth it.

As I’m getting to know everyone and everything at SLU, the team has made the adjustment easier.  We’ve gone to so many different places to train, which has made working out that much more fun.  Some of the highlights from this week included, venturing to Seven Springs yesterday, an old downhill ski mountain for Clarkson, and running on some very rolling hills.  We played soccer for the first time as a team, usually we add in some Frisbee to an easy day, but decided it was time to mix it up.  A few days ago we went to SUNY Canton and did some fantastic skate intervals around their campus.  I do have to say that the freshmen were killing it.  Despite the rain spitting on us at the end, it was a great workout before eating a warm brunch at Dana....the dining hall.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Team Post: Isaac Wright builds the trails he trains on

By Isaac Wright '18

Greetings family, friends, alumni, and teammates.  My name is Isaac Wright and I am a freshman on the Nordic team. 

A little about myself:  This past summer I worked at Pine Hill Park, a local mountain biking/hiking trail system, helping to build new trails and help fix things up too. Of course I also spent a lot of time ski training too! I was lucky enough to have some nice roads for roller skiing, trails for running, and other training facilities and events that I was able to go to. 

Trail work at Pine Hill Park 
(this was going to be a gem but my eyes are closed, oops)

A big part of my summer however involved me and my family (I am one of four kids) moving from Rutland, Vermont to Amherst, Massachusetts. I am sure that I will deeply miss my home venue, Mountain Top Inn and Resort, but hey maybe an Eastern Cup will be held there very soon, fingers crossed!

We soon realized that we were going to need another truck

I enjoy being outside, hanging out, going off ski jumps and you might even see me with a lacrosse stick shooting around. I don’t know if I should put this next one in but, an extreme hobby that I love to do is freestyle skiing. This past winter I bought a pair of twin tips skis and was “hooked”. Every chance I got I was outside going off a jump or sliding a rail. And when summer rolled around I found a way to even “train” for that too. Of course I will have to take a break from this though because as athletes we shouldn’t be doing anything other than our sport during the season right?

How I ski in summer!

So far SLU has been awesome and I can’t wait for the season to actually start!

Here are some pictures of how I spent my summer. Enjoy!

A volunteer and I clean out a water drain
Laying down some rocks
The final product!